4 Great Cloud Storage Services You Should Consider

There are many cloud storage services allowing you to access your documents securely and on different platforms and devices. To make it easy for you to carry your documents while on the go, the cloud storage service providers have applications that you can download and install in your devices for free. The popular cloud storage services in the market include:


It’s probably the biggest name in online storage. It has three main accounts: free (2GB), Pro (100 GB) and Team (1TB). You can use Dropbox in both desktop and mobile and on a number of operating systems including: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows and Linux.

To download the free app you only need to visit the Dropbox website. The cool thing with the service is that it doesn’t give you a size limit for file uploads. In addition to helping you store your file, the provider also allows you to share your files with other Dropbox users.


This is another option that you can go with. It has two main accounts: free and paid. The free account will give you 5GB of storage. When it comes to the paid accounts, you will get 25GB of space if you pay $10 a month and 50GB if you pay $20 a month.

Box provides you with desktop apps for Windows and Mac. It also provides you with Mobile apps for Android, BlackBerry 10, iOs and Windows.

Just like Dropbox, Box also allows you to share files with other Box users. You are also embed a file in your website and give restrictions on who can print or download it.

To make it easy for you to recover files, the provider has a history feature where you can easily find your changed or deleted files.


This is a service provided by Microsoft. If you have a free account you will get 7GB of space and for you to increase your storage space you have to subscribe to the paid version. For $10 you get additional 20GB. Twenty-five dollars will get you 50GB and $50 will give you 100GB.

There is a SkyDrive app that is compatible with different devices including: iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, and Windows Phone.

The most attractive thing about having SkyDrive is that you don’t have to install Office on your device as you can easily create and edit your Microsoft Office documents on the SkyDrive website.


A product from Apple that gives you 5GB of free storage. To up your space you have to subscribe to the paid version. To get an additional 20 GB you have to pay $40 a year. For an extra 50 GB you need to pay $100 a year.

The cool thing with iCloud is that it automatically backs up your device, stores your documents and settings for your applications.


These are some of the popular cloud storage services that you can go with. As you have seen the services differ in terms of payments and space limits. You should research and settle on the best service for your needs.

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